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Lulu The Piggy Can.Christmas Series

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Do you still believe in Santa? Did the reality force you to put down your pure hope?If you no longer believe in Santa, that means you don’t believe in any happiness and imagination. Also, rejected all the beauty in this world.
But you have worked hard for a whole year, it is worth to have this sincerity and warmth. Therefore, Lulu the piggy come with a gift to tell you that this beauty can be created by yourself. As long as you are willing to share your wishes, and paid efforts over the past year, you can become the Santa Claus of yourself and others.

Product Information
Lulu The Piggy Can.Christmas Series
Artist: Cici’s Story

Designs: 1 set of 4 Lulu styles + 1 Chimney
Size: approx. 6-8CM tall
Material: PVC / Plastic / Flocking / Paper
Price: HKD$430 / set box
Packaging size: ~27CM x 26CM x 8CM / set box

Product only sell in boxset
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Ship within 7 working days after ordering

Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

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