LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws


The first symptom of being a cat slave is probably "addicted to cat cuddles", and the second is probably "obsession with cat paws" 🐈! LuLu The Piggy transforms into MiMi, relaxing for a day playing with a ball of yarn🧶, waving its paw to say HELLO👋🏻~ Would you like to feel the warmth and softness of these QQ Paws too 🐽?

【Product Information】  
LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws🐈
💰Price: HKD700
📦Includes: LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws + LuLu The Piggy Yarn Ball*1 + Paw Accessory*1

【Online Exclusive】Registration for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right

Qualification: From 2023/4/26 (Wed) HKT 12:00 – 2023/5/2 (Tue) HKT 23:59, customer who purchase in will get drawing chances. HKD200 = 1 chance; HKD400 = 2 chances and so on to enter the draw with no upper limit.

#Order discounted and gift card value is not included in the calculation of HKD200 for chances.

#2023 LULU‘S DONUT PREMIUM SET is included in the calculation of HKD200 for chances.

Registration Period: 
2023/4/26 (Wed) HKT 12:00 – 2023/5/2 (Tue) HKT 23:59

Drawing Quota:100

Click to Register
 after purchase upon HKD200 in campaign period🐽

Announcement: 2023/5/5 (Fri) HKT 18:00 ; Winners will be noticed through Email

Terms & Conditions
1. Submitting registration for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right indicates acceptance and agreement to comply with all relevant terms and conditions.

2. TOYZEROPLUS is responsible organization for the campaign.

3. [Registration for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right] is open to participants worldwide who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the registration process.

4. Participants must be 18 years old or above at the time of participation.

5. The registration period for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right is 2023/4/26 (Wed) HKT 12:00 – 2023/5/2 (Tue) HKT 23:59.

6. If the email used for registration does not match the email used for the checkout order or if duplicate registrations are found, the entry will be voided.

7. Purchasing Right allows the participant to purchase [LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws] (SRP HKD 700).

8. The no. of chances to enter the draw will depend on the number of eligible orders and registrations, with no limit to the number of chances a participant can have. Each participant can win only once in [Registration for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right].

9. Result will be announced at 2023/5/5 (Fri) HKT 18:00.

10. There will be NO official announcement of the result. Only the selected winners will receive an email notification. Non-selected participants will not receive any notification.

11. To inquire about the no. of chances you have, please contact CS or email, and provide your order number and the email used for registration.

12. Selected winners will receive an exclusive online purchase link that can only be used to purchase a [LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws] and cannot be transferred.

13. Selected winners must complete the transaction by paying the order on For Hong Kong, order will be shipped in free shipping. For Mainland China/Taiwan/Macau, order will be shipped via SF-Express (Collect Upon Arrival). For other regions, order will be shipped via EMS after shipping fees have been paid.

14. TOYZEROPLUS may request contact information from the selected winners to arrange for prize collection. The selected winners must present relevant documents for verification, including the winning email and identification card.

15. Participants who are unable to complete the payment by 2023/5/9 (Tue) HKT 23:59 will be deemed to have forfeited their right to purchase. If there are forfeited slots, alternative participants will be notified for purchase.

16. [LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws] will be shipped separately and cannot be combined with other orders.

17. The prize photos, pictures or patterns related to this activity mentioned in the application are for reference only.

18. Any illegal, fraudulent, inappropriate, or falsified entries will not be accepted, and the winning qualifications will be cancelled without further notice.

19. Prototype shown. The final product might be slightly different.  

20. Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.  

21. TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right of final decision.  

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