LuLu The Piggy's Travel Blind Box Series

  • HKD 720.00


This summer, LuLu the Piggy embarks on a brand new journey with you ✈️

The suitcase 🧳 is not only filled with essentials for the trip but also brimming with excitement and anticipation 🤩~ Whether it's the adorable bear hat or the sunglasses, wear them all! Show the cutest outfits on this vacation 🥰 and don't forget to capture every wonderful moment with the camera shutter 📸. Embrace the sound of raindrops with an umbrella ☔ and patiently wait for sunshine day with Teru Teru Bozu☀️

Hold hands with LuLu the Piggy and let the wind 🍃 take you to every corner of the world 🌏 Find Your Way!

✈️LuLu The Piggy's Travel Blind Box Series🐷
Price: HKD720 (Set)
Available on 18th August 2023 HKT12:00PM
Designs: Contains 8 blind boxes in 1 whole set. Included 8 styles, 7 and 8th style may have a chance to be a special/secret edition.

*The styles inside LuLu The Piggy's Travel Blind Box Series are randomly packed, with one design per box and kept confidential until opened. The probability of regular style is "1:8," while the hidden style have a probability of "Small Hidden 3:96, Big Hidden 1:96".
*Prototype was shown. Final product might be slightly different.
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.

*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.

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