【Online Exclusive】2023 LULU’S DONUT PREMIUM SET 

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Everyone! Your little sweetie has arrived! With the aroma of sugar frosting and rainbow chocolate chips, coupled with a rich and soft texture, topped with whipped cream as a finishing touch. If you want to taste the deliciousness of the little sweetie, Don't miss the once-a-year "adoption" opportunity!🐷

【Online Exclusive】2023 LULU’S DONUT PREMIUM SET 
Includes: LULU’S DONUT + 2023 NEW BLIND BOX SET x 3  
Price: HKD 2550 (10%Off | SRP: HKD 2860) 
Available on 26th April 2023 HKT 12:00pm 
Limited to 200 Sets

#2023 LULU‘S DONUT PREMIUM SET is included in the calculation of "Registration for LuLu the Piggy Caturday XL Cat Paws Purchasing Right" HKD200 for chances.

*Max 1pc for each customer.  
*Limited quantity, while stocks last. 
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions in the future. 
*The release time and rules are subject to the announcement of each platform if there is any changes. 
*2023 LULU’S DONUT PREMIUM SET are non-refundable. 
*Undisclosed new blind box set will be the first batch to be shipped according to the product release time. 
*An email will be sent to confirm shipping information 14 days before shipment is placed. 
*Hong Kong orders will be enjoyed free shipping for all three parcels. 
*Overseas orders can enjoy an HKD 60 shipping discount. Shipping fee will be charged when purchasing 2023 LULU’S DONUT PREMIUM SET and will be shown on checkout page as a price which HKD60 discount is applied.
*1/10 chance of winning a hidden color of LULU’S DONUT.
*Prototype was shown. The final product might be slightly different. 
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal. 
*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.